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Sheltering Hope Announces New Recipients
Sheltering Hope Announces New Recipients
March 5, 2020

Our program, Sheltering Hope, is proud to announce our new recipients: Texas Army National Guardsman Sgt. Juan Rodriguez, Reynold’s Home and Guadalupe Villalba.

The Sheltering Hope program provides a family in need with a new roof, free of charge. It’s our way of giving back to the community we love so much.

With deployments and training exercises, soldiers are often away from home for extended lengths of time. The periodic absences can take a toll on their families. According to Blue Star Families’ 2014 Military Family Lifestyle Survey, nearly 40 percent of military spouses feel stressed most or all of the time, and one of the top stressors is household responsibilities.

“Giving back to our local community is something we strongly believe in and have been doing as a company for the past four years,” said Jose Escalante, President of Escalante Enterprises. “With the support of Owens Corning and Support Our Troops, we were able to identify a local military family who’s very deserving of this gift as our Sheltering Hope recipient this year.”